About Me

Barry is a UK based rider and his passion for bikes came from a downhill mountain biking background. He has ridden all over Europe and competed in the Alp Du Huez Mega Avalanche four times. The idea of bikepacking came out of multi-day mountain biking adventures, such as the Tour of Mont Blanc and a tour of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. For the past three years he has been refining his bikepacking setup on a Genesis Longitude, pushing the boundaries of what trails can been ridden fully loaded. The most testing adventure would have been his three week tour of Iceland’s interior, where he was confronted by walking through every terrain possible, three days across snow fields, riding across lava fields and an eleven minute river crossing. From an early age he has been capturing his adventures on film with the emphasis to share his experiences with others. As technology has developed, he has been developing styles of recording solo adventures, without taking the joy and excitement out of the journey. Filled with enthusiasm even in the toughest situations, he inspires others to get out there and explore.


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